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CNC Drilling Machine from ENOTOPP

One CNC drilling machine for six-sided drill, grooving and punching

The hole drilling of the panels or sheets are one of the furniture processing steps. The whole furniture production line includes several steps and drilling of holes is one of them. A CNC drilling machine can process the function of drill holes, grove and punch. It is equipped with CNC drill table, CNC drill bits, CNC drilling system and other components. And it can process vertical holes, horizontal holes, and side holes in wood, and make grooves on wooden boards or invisible parts. Therefore, it is also known as wood drilling machine, wood square hole machine, woodworking horizontal boring machine, vertical CNC drilling machine, wood hole machine, and side hole drilling machine.

ENOTOPP has been in drilling technology for over 12 years, we are the first manufacturer in China who innovated double-station CNC drilling machine. And later on this machine was widely produced by other plants. Our CNC drilling machines include single tool magazine CNC drilling machine, double tool magazine CNC drilling machine and double-station CNC drilling machines. All our machines can process the panels with six-sided drilling work.

Our wood hole machines are widely used by global customers like Saudi Arabia, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Belarus, South Korea, the Philippines, Africa, Hungary, and other countries. If you are in furniture industry, woodworking industry, advertising industry, crafts industry, or other manufacturing industries and have any needs in CNC drilling machine, please contact ENOTOPP for a professional solution.

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