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Our product portfolio include: all types of panels saws for wood cutting, various types of drilling machines for drilling holes, and edge banding machines for banding the panel pieces. Automated furniture production lines and smart factory solutions.

ENOTOPP Machinery

Top Wood CNC Machine Manufacturer in China

With over 12 years of experience, ENOTOPP is the first company that innovated a double-station six-sided boring machines, and over 500 sets of CNC panel saws in the global market, the angular saw of ENOTOPP is in leading position in China and global market, our angular saw have been used in large and famous furniture companies for over 8 years with proven performance. ENOTOPP is dedicated to manufacturing GOOD wood CNC machines for the wood processing industry.

As a national high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, ENOTOPP has a number of inventions, utility models, and design patents, and a variety of equipment is in the leading position in the wood CNC machine industry.

Based on strong R&D capability, we are one of few suppliers who can provide customized / tailor-made Wood CNC Machines to our customers. Which include customized computer panel saws, drilling machines, and edge banding machines. All are designed and manufactured according to unique customer needs.

We exported to over 25 countries like Saudi Arabia, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Belarus, South Korea, the Philippines, Africa, Hungary, and other countries.

ENOTOPP was born for quality, benchmarking with international brands, and making continuous efforts for Chinese manufacturing to go global.

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ENOTOPP angular cutting saws leading China market for many years

The story starts several years ago, in the year 2016, China giant Group Mengtian Wood-door, which is also a stock-listed company with over 35 years of history is in demand of several angular cutting saw lines. After a long time investigating the market of the angular saw manufacturers, with detailed

One station double drill bag six-sided drilling machine exported to Spain

In October, ENOTOPP delivered several six-sided drilling machines with one-station and double drill bags. This type of drill machine is the very common drilling machine widely used for the hole drilling of panels, and boards. It is very suitable for the cabinets and furniture industry. Thanks customer from Spain for

ENOTOPP customized mirror rear loading electronic saw 330H

At the request of foreign customers, ENOTOPP completed the manufacture of another customized rear-loading electronic saw in August. The special feature of this electronic saw is that all configurations are mirror of the conventional 330 rear-loading electronic saw. For more than ten years, ENOTOPP has supplied a variety of standard

Post-feeding computer beam saw YZCJ-330H shipped to Korea

This electronic saw is customized and developed according to customer needs and is equipped with an upgraded version of the rear feeding lifting platform. Strong research and development capabilities ensure that we can meet customers’ customized needs and provide customers with professional customized solutions. Thanks customer from Korea for choosing

ENOTOPP customized high-end electronic saw shipped to Russia

After more than a month of intense implementation, from design, customization, assembly, and commissioning to completion, ENOTOPP has successfully released another high-end custom-made export version of the electronic saw. This high-end electronic saw is customized and developed by ENOTOPP according to the needs of Russian customers. The configuration is completely

ENOTOPP launched a new double-station six-sided drill

With the continuous development and changes in the home furnishing market, home furnishing production technology and equipment are also changing with each passing day. As a technology leader in the woodworking industry, ENOTOPP is the first to launch a double-station six-sided drill after painstaking research and development. The six-sided drill

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