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Edge Banding Machnes from ENOTOPP

German quality fully automatic straight edge banders from ENOTOPP

Edge banding is the subsequent process during the furniture production process. From the function, there are edge banders that can band the straight and curved panel edges, there are also edge banders for banding 45-degree panel edges, J-pull, C-pull, and bevel edge banders.

From the machine’s advanced grade, there are manual edge bander, semi-automatic edge banding machines, and fully automatic edge banding machines. Manual edge banding machines and semi-automatic edge banders can also realize straight and curve cabinet edge banding, and are more used in small-sized furniture shops. While the fully automatic edge banding machines are more advanced and are used for batch production.

Functions of the automatic edge banding machine include pre-milling, gluing, banding, end cutting, rough and fine trimming, corner rounding, scraping, polishing, etc. The edge banding tape can have various materials, such as PVC, ABS, melamine, and wood veneer. It can band 0.4 to 3mm PVC edge banding tape to plywood, MDF, birch, walnut, maple, and other wooden panels in panel furniture and whole house custom furniture production.

ENOTOPP offers various types of fully automatic edge banding machines for massive production, Our edge banders are more high-end, and the quality can be compared with “Made in Germany”, Contact us to obtain the latest quote for the banding machine price. You can also send your panel samples to us, then we can provide ENOTOPP banded panel samples for your testing.

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